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About Us

About Us

Fast facts about our local chapter:

  • The Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Chapter of Friendship Force was organized by former Governor Robert Ray in 1985.

  • Our first incoming exchange was with Japan in 1989, followed by an outgoing exchange to Germany that same year.

  • Our chapter has grown to more than 80 members from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the surrounding communities.

  • General meetings are held four or five times per year and often feature speakers or events of cultural interest. Other social opportunities include potluck dinners and "Let's Eat Out" dinners.

  • Our chapter has held exchanges with Mexico, Belgium, Columbia, Nigeria, Brazil, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, Scotland, England, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, Japan, Georgia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Hungary and New Zealand.

Friendship Force at the National and International Level
Friendship Force International was founded in 1977 by Wayne Smith and strongly supported by President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter. The organization’s mission is to promote world peace and understanding by creating an environment where individual friendships can be established across the barriers that separate people.

Friendship Force International accomplishes this mission through goodwill ambassadors from more than 375 clubs worldwide. Members meet people from all over the world and share experiences and learn about each other’s lifestyles. After sharing these experiences, our differences become less important.

For more information on Friendship Force International, please visit their official website at

Here's How You Fit In
As an ambassador, you are invited to stay in the home of some friends you haven’t met yet. This allows you to take part in their family and community life. While this is not a travel club, sightseeing activities are included in most exchanges. Local clubs organize the exchanges for groups of 12 to 25 ambassadors.

Friendship Force is a group of people just like you and me who are promoting a peaceful world one friendship at a time. Through Friendship Force, you can put the simple power of kindness and hospitality to work for a better world.

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