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Visit to Central Iowa Club, July 16, 2016

As we continue to build intra-state relationships, ten club members enjoyed overnight hospitality from our friends in the Central Iowa club (Ames) on July 16, 2016. It started with a tour of Reiman Gardens with hosts, then a walking tour of several art installations on the Iowa State University campus led by Ames club member, Dennis Dake. We learned about the artists and their designs.

We finished the day with a reception at a downtown wine bar where we learned how to select our wine using a wine bar credit card. Then we had the evening to get acquainted with our hosts. The next day, we headed to the All-Iowa Picnic in Des Moines. This was a great way to connect with Friendship Force members from the Central Iowa club. We’ll be sharing the Crazy for Quilting theme journey with them in the fall.  Thank you to Jerry Burke for leading this journey.

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