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Membership — A Doorway To The World


Becoming a member is easy!
 Click on our application to complete the membership application online, or find out more by attending our next event. Upcoming activities are listed on our Calendar of Events.

Membership in a local club provides you access to a global network. As a member, you can participate in the following:

  • International & Domestic Journeys: Stay in the home of Friendship Force members around the world. Although Ambassadors are responsible for their own expenses during journeys, they enjoy an increased comfort level by traveling with a group they already know.

Indonesia - Cost-Ban9Las Vegas Featured

  • Hosting
: Journeys are made possible by the many members who are willing to host an Ambassador in their home. Hosts provide rooms and meals without reimbursement. It is a commitment, but the experience is priceless. Other options include day hosting or providing a meal for an Ambassador and their host(s.)

OWA-Russian Traditional dressTrainRide

  • Conferences
: Educational and networking opportunities are provided at the regional, national and international level.



  • Local Activities: 
Experience international flair in your own backyard. Enjoy learning about other cultures at various club events close to home, as well as social outings, picnics and potlucks.

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