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Incoming Cincinnati Exchange
August 10-16th, 2012

Nine ambassadors met their hosts at an hors d’oeuvres and drink party at the Karal’s home to start this journey off.

Monday – Started the day off with a tour of the Grant Wood Studio. Heading west, we went to the Matchstick Marvels in Gladbrook; the Salt & Pepper Gallery in Traer and the JEV Winery outside of Toledo. The day ended with an Indian Taco dinner prepared by Tressa & Irvin Youngbear followed by an enjoyable evening performance at the Meskwaki POW WOW. They enjoyed seeing Hannah (Youngbear’s granddaughter) modeling some of her traditional regalia.

Sunday – A free day to enjoy with the host family seeing sites that are not on the journey schedule.

Monday – A charter bus picked up the group to head to Des Moines and the State Fair. Iowa’s State Fair is the only fair listed in the book of “A Thousand Things You Should Do Before You Die.” It was a great day.

Tuesday – Headed to Kalona and the Amish area early to purchase the delicious homemade donuts at the Golden Delight Bakery. After stops at the Cheese House, JK Creative Wood, and Stringtown General Store we met at the Historical Village in Kalona. Everyone was then taken to a Beachy Amish home to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a great cook who is in her 80’s. It was great food and a chance for good conversation.

Wednesday – Our Cedar Rapids Day included: Coe College Art collection, African-American Museum, Czech & Slovak Museum, and Sykora’s Bakery where everyone enjoyed their famous kolaches.

Thursday – We sent the ambassadors off after a breakfast at Cooper’s Mill, wishing them a safe trip. They promised a return visit soon.

Cincinnati - Host+am 2 Cincinnati - 3 generations dancing at Pow Wow Cincinnati - ambassadors Cincinnati - Beachy am 6 Cincinnati - beachy am lunch 4 Cincinnati - Beachy Amish lunch #2 Cincinnati - Hannah in Jangle dress Cincinnati - Beachy Amish lunch host Cincinnati - group pic Cincinnati - Hannah dancing at Pow Wow Cincinnati - Matchstick 5 Cincinnati - Matchstick 8 Cincinnati - matchstick 9 Cincinnati - matchstick 10 Cincinnati - Matchstick6 Cincinnati - Matchstick7 Cincinnati - Meskwaki dancer Cincinnati - Hannah wearing great-grandmothers outfit Cincinnati - Hannah with Mom in ribbon dress