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Lansing Exchange, September 11-17, 2016

In September, 2016, 17 ambassadors made a visit to the Friendship Force club of Lansing, Michigan. The journey to Lansing in September offered warm hospitality, comfortable weather, lots of interesting activities, renewal of friendship made when they visited us and created many new friendships. This was an opportunity to reconnect with club members who visited Cedar Rapids in June 2015.

With our Lansing hosts, we toured the Michigan State University Wharton Performing Arts Center, watched a book being printed in five minutes at the university library, made a stop at the campus dairy store for ice cream, explored the Michigan Historical Museum, toured the Michigan State Capital; strolled through the Fredrik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, stepped back in history at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, toured the RE Olds Museum, visited the Nakomis Learning Center to learn about Native American culture and viewed Lansing history at the Meridian Historical Village. And they tested how well we paid attention with a Jeopardy-style game at the farewell – Cedar Rapids guys versus the Cedar Rapids gals. Thank you to Audrey Bradford and Lynette Nuehring for leading the journey.

Ambassadors: Audrey Bradford, Carol and Jerry Burke, Patty and Dave Detwiler, Judy and John Miner, Marty Novak, Lynette Nuehring, Darlene Peterson, Judy Praegitzer, Dolores Schulte Reger, Stephanie and George Schulte and Mary and Frank Stull.

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