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Open World 2014
2/28 – 3/8

National Grantee Organization: International Friendship Force Office, Atlanta, GA

Local Host Organization: Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Friendship Force Club

Placement City/State: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Theme/Subtheme: Accountable Governance – Legislature

Prepared By: Victor Klopfenstein

Names of Delegates and Facilitator(s):


  • Naida Abdulayevna Ismatulayeva
  • Antonina Valeryevna Skvortsova
  • Oleg Ivanovich Tinyakev
  • Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Grinenko
  • Facilitator:  Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bryukhanov

Names of Host Families:  

  • Victor & Patricia Klopfenstein
  • Charlie & Pat Kress
  • Tom & Alice Wilkinson
  • Will & Karen Mickelson

Benefits to Americans

There were two presentations by the delegates:  Naida & Yvgeniy with the aid of a ‘Flash Drive’ gave delightful presentation on the Rostov Region of Russia.  Also Oleg & Antonina  did likewise of the Ryazan region to 80 members of our FF Club, community and foreign journey students at our Annual World Friendship Day Celebration on Sunday, March 2, 2014.  Great questions, answers and dialogue between members, students and delegates.  Countries presenting were:  Central America (12), Tunisa (3) and South Korea (1).  This was an outstanding cross-cultural activity..


Potential Partnerships

There is a dialogue going on between the Rostov Youth Leadershp Organizations and ours here in the USA with Vic Klopfenstein, Naida and Yvgeniy.


Potential Projects

The recycling efforts of our Solid Waste Agency warranted a lot of dialogue and liked the regional concept.  Oleg & Yvgeniy were very curious and thought it was worth investigating upon return to Russia


Visits by Americans

Always a possibility but no dates set.

Multiplier Effect Recycling

Also Naida returned to the Rostov region with a ‘Flash Drive’ of the Municipal Codes of Marion, Iowa on Zoning Regulations which she was going to share with her region.


If the program received TV or radio coverage, please request copies and send them to American Councils along with your report.  The facilitator e-mailed pictures and I will e-mail a Marion Times Newspaper picture with caption (March 6, 2014).

Professional Program Highlights

Delegates presentation to the World Friendship Day Celebration to the public and the CR/IC Friendship Force Club:  Informal Meeting with The Honorable Governor of Iowa, Terry Brandstad:  The entire day at the State of Iowa Capitol – being introduced at both the Senate and House Chambers, tour and lunch with Senator Liz Mathis (Senate District 34) and House of Representative Daniel Lundby (District 68),Round Table Discussion with Iowa Board of Education and the Meskwaki Indian Settlement – Native Indian Tribe: Informal dialogue with Chief Judge Linda Reade (Federal District Court) and tour of court and back rooms; Informal dialogue with the Linn County Board of Supervisors about Regional Government and relationship with State and local municipalities and the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agencies recycling facility and landfill site.

Members of Congress and Congressional Staff

Met with Congressional Regional Staff of State of Iowa’s 2 National Senators

Fred Schuster, Regional Director for Senator Charles 1-319-363-6832                                                                 , Federal Court House, 111 7th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, 52401

Tom Larkin, Regional Director of Senator Tom Harkin , Fed Court House.  1-319-365-4504

The topics of this meeting were related to governance at the Federal level.  The delegates were interested how many field offices each congress person has and how many employees they retain.  Fred Schuster has long experience with Open World and he asked the delegates pointed questions about their government.  Both field representatives expressed their senators’ interest in the Open World Program with Russia.


Other VIPs

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, Marion Mayor Snooks Bouska, City Manager Lon Pluckhahn, Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad), State of Iowa Senator (Liz  Mathis), Sate of Iowa House of Representatives (Daniel Lundby),Senator Darryl Beal (Fort Dodge), United States Senators field representatives, Fred Schuster and Tom Larkin

Comments and Recommendations

This was one of the best group of delegates: they were engaged with each presenters, dialogues and informal discussions.  There did not seem to be any time when they were not enthusiastic and focused.  They were properly attired, polite, extremely punctual and a delight to host.  The facilitator was outstanding and we would be pleased to have him return.  Kate Humphrey did a tremendous job as an interpreter.

The delegates, facilitator and interpreter expressed their appreciation of the program of Open World as I did of the great group this year from Russia.

Arriving at Waste Agency, 3-07-14 Waste Recycling 02, 3-07-14 Waste Recycling 01, 3-07-14 Waiting for Luggage 1, Airport Swat Dandekar Reception, 3-05-14 Rotary Club 10, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 09, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 08, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 07, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 06, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 05, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 04 (Speader), 3-04-14 Rotary Club 03, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 02, 3-04-14 Rotary Club 01, 3-04-14 Marion City Hall,Gifts for the Mayor, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Mayor, & Manager, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Manager (Bad Focus), 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Manager - Questions, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Jeff Schott 3, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Jeff Schott 2, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Jeff Schott 1, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Finance Driector 1 Marion City Hall, City Manager 1, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Chamber President 3, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Chamber President 2, 3-09-14 Marion City Hall, Chamber President 1, 3-09-14 Klopfensteins 06, 2-28-14 Klopfensteins 05, 2-28-14 Klopfensteins 04, 2-28-14 Klopfensteins 03, 2-28-14 Klopfensteins 02, 2-28-14 Klopfensteins 01, 2-28-14 Guests, Hosts at Airport 2 Guests, Hosts at Airport 1 Guests at Airport 1 Guests Arriving, 2-28-14