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Outgoing Sacramento Exchange
October 15 – 21, 2014

ED – Marian Wetjen

Twelve ambassadors thoroughly enjoyed this journey with the Sacramento, Ca. club Oct 15-21. Those attending were Audrey Bradford, Lynette Nuerhring, Ellen McVey, Dave and Patty Detwiler, Bob & Bernita Pruess, Will and Karen Mickelson, Irvin & Tressa Youngbear and Marian Wetjen, ED

Some of our activities included: touring the Capitol, Old Sacramento, the Railroad Museum and walking among the giant Calaveras Big Trees.  We also experienced wine tasting, viewing petroglyphs and learning about the hardships of the Donner party wagon train.  We drove around beautiful Lake Tahoe and enjoyed a delicious lunch at a FF member’s Tahoe home.

Other highlights were visiting Coloma where gold was first discovered. Later, we walked around Apple Hill Farms, the site of over 50 apple, berry and tree farms and wineries.

We enjoyed meeting new friends at home hosted dinners. All of a sudden, our six day visit was over and sadly we said goodbye to our gracious hosts and thanked them for their warm hospitality with invitations to visit us someday in Iowa.

Audrey and Lynette flew back to Cedar Rapids while the rest of us rode Amtrak to San Francisco for three days of touring. Not only did we enjoy our relaxing train ride, we also rode a subway, a shuttle, a taxi, a water ferry, a tram and a car–all in the same day!  We stayed in a Howard Johnson’s in San Bruno and from there we made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf and later toured Alcatraz. On the other two days, we had a tour company give us private tours of San Francisco, Muir Woods, Carmel, Monterey, 17 Mile Drive, and Pebble Beach. And yes, we all rode a cable car!

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